Creative Director/UX Design Lead


As Creative Director and UX Design Lead for a leading immersive app development company, I build mixed reality environments that are derived from a number of bleeding edge technologies for a growing roster of clients, in a number of diverse fields. These environments are unique interactive worlds that are built to suite each client’s needs. They can be accessed using existing devices such as desktops, laptops and mobile devices or interacted with using a number devices that are now bleeding into mainstream usage. There are many challenges when building these worlds the most prominent from a design standpoint, is identifying, gathering and implementing the appropriate skill sets. For example, one of these worlds was built for an otherwise mundane piece of medical diagnostic equipment. To look at this tool sitting on a table, would say very little, it would require some prior knowledge to discern its use. But, if you place a CG model of that same device, on a CG patient standing next to a CG doctor operating it, in a fully fleshed out CG rehab ward, it suddenly, starts exhibiting its function. In order to build a functioning world such as this, at the very least, it requires concept design, character design, storyboarding, 3D design & compositing, 3D texturing & coloring, lighting, camera tracking, motion graphics and special effects. The strength of the world, relies on how well each of these completed tasks stack on top of one another. My expertise is to see the ultimate vision and guide the executable visual factors through to fruition.